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Arian Abhar wire and cable agency

The advancement of technology has made electricity and electrical equipment play an important role in our lives. For this reason, having a wire and cable agency that can meet our needs in this area is very important. Various companies are active in the field of producing all kinds of electric cables. Abhar Arian Wire and Cable Company is one of these cases. This company markets its products through Arian wire and cable sales agency.

نمایندگی کابل ابهر

نمایندگی کابل ابهر

Kabul Abhar agency

Arin Abhar Wire and Cable Company is one of the largest wire and cable producers in Iran. With the help of modern and advanced devices, this company has been able to produce and market quality products. To buy all kinds of wires and cables, you can visit the Abhar Cable agency in your city and province. One of the distinctive features of this company is the production of wires and cables for various industrial and construction applications.

Representation of Arin Abhar Lalezar

Arian Abhar Lalezar agency is a provider of all kinds of wires and cables in the country. What distinguishes this company’s products from other wire and cable manufacturers in the country is the high quality of manufacturing and timely supply of small and large projects.

The sale of wires and cables at different voltage levels has made this company one of the first choices for buying wires and cables. Because buyers can supply all kinds of cables through this agency to advance their projects.

Abhar wire and cable agency

Abhar Arian wire and cable is known as one of the top wire and cable suppliers. Arian Abhar wire and cable, relying on innovation and the use of advanced equipment, has been able to raise the quality level of the cables available in the market to a high level.

This agency is able to supply all kinds of cables and wires in high volumes. Cooperating with big projects and meeting their needs is one of the main activities of this agency. We introduce some of the products of this company below.

Cable agent products

With the increasing use of electricity in our daily life, cable and wire are part of our basic needs these days. From construction to large and small industrial projects, everyone needs quality and standard cables. Supplying this need is the responsibility of the cable sales representative who sells a wide range of cables in the market.

There are different types of cables, some of which we introduce below.

Types of electrical cables

Twisted pair cables
Multimedia cables
Coaxial cable

Fiber optic cable
High and low voltage cables

Each of these cables has different features and uses. The use of a cable determines the parameters required in its production. The products of Abhar Arian wire and cable agency are produced according to the use of each cable and specific standards.

Cable wire distribution

Abhar Cable Agency is one of the largest wire and cable suppliers in our beloved country of Iran. This company enjoys high popularity among buyers and the main reason for this is adherence to commitments and providing the best cables and wires on time.

Another reason for the high popularity of Arin Abhar’s wire and cable agent equipment is the sufficient attention to safety. As useful as electricity is, it can also be dangerous. Therefore, compliance with safety standards is mandatory in the production of all kinds of cables. This is what Iran’s largest wire and cable company pays special attention to.

By using advanced laboratory equipment and quality raw materials, Abhar wire and cable agency has succeeded in producing and supplying the safest types of wires and cables in the market.

Customers of Arin Abhar cable sales agency

The products of Abhar wire and cable agency are sold wholesale and retail in the market. Most of the clients of this collection are companies and big projects across the country. Currently, this agency has continuous cooperation with its customers in the following fields.

Transportation and rail: One of the fields of activity of Kabul Abhar sales agency is to meet the needs of transportation and rail infrastructure. The cables needed for lighting highways, highways, subways and tunnels are part of these items.
Oil, gas and petrochemicals: In the oil and gas industry, electric power transmission is a very important challenge. Abhar Arian wire and cable factory is one of the top producers of specialized wires in this field. The cables used in this industry are resistant to water, high temperature, tension, pressure and hydrocarbon materials.
Renewable energies: Abhar wire and cable agency is a leader in the field of innovation and production of new and practical products. One of these cases is the supply of solar cables for power plants producing this renewable energy. In this way, this company plays its part in increasing the production of renewable energy and helping to preserve the environment.
Iran’s largest wire and cable company

Abhar city can be considered one of the hubs of wire and cable production in the country. Iran’s largest wire and cable company is located in this city and plays an essential role in meeting the needs of Iran’s wire and cable market. Abhar wire and cable agency throughout the country, contracts with customers and sells the company’s products.

Abhar Arin Wire and Cable has an active representative in most of the country’s cities. In this way, buyers in different cities can buy their desired product by referring to the cable sales representative.

Another point that is worth mentioning is the export of Abhar wire and cable products. The quality level of the products of this collection is increasing along with the knowledge of the world. In this way, various projects in the region want to distribute wires and cables and cooperate with this complex.

Abhar direct sale of wires and cables

The main task of Abhar Arian wire and cable sales agency is to supply the company’s products directly to customers. In this way, by eliminating intermediaries, buyers buy products directly from the factory. Buying goods at a lower price is one of the advantages of buying wire and cable directly from Abhar Cable agency.

As it was said, Abhar Wire and Cable Company has many representatives all over the country, and Arin Abhar Lalezar representative is one of them.