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Wires and cables are one of the main needs of electrical systems. Abhar wire and cable production company is trying to provide part of this need by producing first-class wire and cable. The high quality of Arian Abhar wire and cable has made these products popular in the market. Arin Abhar Cable Company is not the largest wire and cable company in Iran, but it is undoubtedly one of the best in this field.

Learn more about Abhar Arian Wire and Cable Company

Arin Abhar wire and cable company has 20 years of brilliant experience in the field of wire and cable production. What distinguishes this company from other wire and cable manufacturers is the high quality of its products. The following are among the important features of this company:

Using advanced production line machines, these machines are continuously reviewed to ensure their optimal performance.
Using the most up-to-date production methods and new technologies
benefiting from a laboratory equipped with precise instruments; Accurate and continuous testing of the company’s products is an important part of the production process of these products. With the help of this laboratory equipment, the quality of all kinds of cables produced by this company is constantly improving.
Perfect quality control system
Employing professional workforce and their continuous training

Relying on these capabilities, Arian Abhar Wire and Cable Company offers a variety of products to the market, some of which we will introduce below.

Products of Abhar Arian Wire and Cable Company

Wires are produced in various shapes and for various applications. Abhar Arian Cable Factory produces and markets all kinds of quality wires and cables. The following are among the most important products of this company:

Construction wire and cable

Among the types of construction wires and cables of this company, the following can be mentioned:

Multicore wire

wire cable

Light and ordinary spray cables

Many contractors consider Abhar Arian wire and cable construction projects to be a cost-effective and high-quality option.

Poor tension cables

Abhar Wire and Cable Company is also a supplier of all kinds of single-stranded and multi-stranded ordinary and reinforced copper wires with various insulations.

Instrument cables

One of the ways to transfer information is to use an instrument cable. Supplying armored instrumentation cable is one of the other missions of Abhar Arin Cable Company. The main customers of this product are industrial complexes and power plants. These cables are very useful in the control rooms of industrial units.

Telecommunication cables

All types of outdoor and indoor telecommunication cables and coaxial cable are also included in the list of products of Arin Abhar Cable Company. Coaxial cables, twisted pair, fiber optic cables are some of the types of cables in this category.

Wire and cable fire conditions

The use of fire-resistant cables is mandatory in many power plants and large industries. These cables are low smoke and fire resistant. Cables for emergency lighting systems, ventilation systems are some of the most important fireproof cables. Fireproof wire and cable is also a good choice for security systems.

Renewable energy wire and cable

These days, with more attention to renewable energy, the need for solar panel cable is felt more than ever. These cables are produced in various types such as solar cable, LVAC, MV cable and others by Abhar Arian Wire and Cable Company and are used in solar power plants.

Abhar cable factory

Abhar Arian cable factory is a complex equipped with the most standard equipment in the world. This factory is located in Zanjan province and is operating as one of the largest wire and cable companies in Iran. The products of this collection are offered all over the country, directly or through sales agents.

This factory has been able to create many jobs directly and indirectly in addition to producing quality goods. Abhar Arin Wire and Cable Company, benefiting from the most capable specialists in the field of supply of quality raw materials, production and distribution of all types of wires and cables, has been able to provide a significant share of the needs of the Iranian market.

Sales authority of all types of wires and cables

Activists in the field of industry and people familiar with the wire and cable market know Abhar Arin Wire and Cable Company as the reference for selling all kinds of wires and cables in the country. This issue has several reasons, some of which you will read below.

Production of standard wires and cables with the best quality
Supplying products throughout the country
High variety of products and production of all kinds of industrial and construction cables and wires
Selling products at reasonable prices
Relying on the knowledge and skills of employees and improving it
Standards and certificates

Thanks to the activity based on modern science and the standards of this industry, Abhar Arin Wire and Cable Company has succeeded in obtaining the required certificates and standards from the relevant authorities. These certificates confirm the activity of this company based on safety principles and current world standards. Among these standards, the following can be mentioned.

National standards
Approval of oil, gas and petrochemicals
International certificates (such as ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 10004, ISO 10002 and ISO 9001)
Acknowledgments of Tawanir
Approvals of electricity distribution companies in the country
Abhar Arian wire and cable sales

The products of Arin Abhar Wire and Cable Company are sold through its authorized dealers in the country. In this way, buyers in different provinces of the country can purchase Abhar wires and cables by referring to the sales representatives of this collection.

This company now has representatives in most of the provinces of the country and you can visit the representatives page.

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